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Friday, November 26, 2004

Image hosted by Photobucket.com (PLEASE RATE MY PEOM OR COMMENT ON IT!)ok so its after thanksgiving day bye 9 min now. i dont know why im up so late but i do. lol we were decorating the christmas tree. my parents left and i acctualy wrote a decent poem! then i fell asleep... lol now im away! ive been away since 11:07 and i cant really see. but im going to let you READ MY PEOM! even though it lacks superior to my friend robins i think its kinda good! lol well enjoy!

Only a dreamÖ

Walking in a dream,
Something new thatís never seen.
A voice calls out,
You turn around.
Just a shadow,
Nothing to be found.
The dark of night,
Walking alone.
Stop at a graveyard,
Only one light shone.
You walk away,
Another light.
Turn around,
Heart beating.
More lights,
Itís blinding.
A ghost, but one
Soulful heart was bleeding.
Fall to the ground,
Stare without breath.
Dreams become reality.
It is now the end,
It is now your death.
Everything goes black,
You canít hear a thing.
Open your eyes,
It was only a dreamÖ

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