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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Forever and a Day

Years and Days have past since my last thought about this site. Many things have happened and many things have yet to show itself.

By the looks of this site, it seems that all others have stop thinking about typing and chatting with friends that were made here long ago. Lives move on to bigger and better things.

Although one must believe to need to see or visit their old accounts as to know what has become of it and/or if they want to see what has happened and to witness that others move on or stay in their little caves of internet relations.

Its good to be here again, remembering all the fun things that have happened here and the wonderful people that was met.

I hope that conection between others here can be reattached for I have really missed it here. If not then maybe the bigger site like Facebook, for which I have an account with will interest any of my deal friends from here who wish to find me.

Good Day to all and Good night...that sounded like Santa ^_^

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