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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Holy Crap, my computer FINALLY let me on here! It has been to long since I have been on here with everyone.

Lets see whats new with me shall we:

A month in a half ago, I got braces and my teeth are straightening as we speak.

In a month I will be in my second year of college. I can't wait, and I still don't have my books, but oh well. And Bryan's sister Michelle will be attending college now with us.

I got my hair cut to my shoulders and layered too.I looks neat.

My mom had collonal (spelling?) surgery, and is still recovering. They messed up her belly button and when she recovered and heals from this, shes going back to surgery for a overy removal I think.

I got a new puppy (german shepard mixed with a wolf) she is so cute and funny. She chases her tail and howls at sirens. And she loves having her belly rubbed. Oh and we didn't buy her, we rescued her from a family who didn't want her when they found her in a park (shes a stray). They gave her the name Paylai which is greek for erupting volcano, which discribes she personality very well. =D

My dad broke a window in the sun room when he was mowing, a golf ball my puppy plays with got sucked in and shot out at the window. It sounded like a gun shot.

Oh and I have been job hunting again trying to look away from the food industry.

Other then all that I have mentioned, I'm enjoying myself, and Bryan's dad is finally excepting me. hahaha I win.

So what has everyone been up to, hopefuly my computer will be nice for now on and let me come to this site. I miss you guys.

Well it's starting to storm so I will take my leave for now. Take care now everyone.


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