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Saturday, March 22, 2008

This land is dying...

Well as we all know this place is ghostly. Everyone is leaving or at least thinking about it. As for me I'm not quite sure what I will do yet but I do know that I want to stay in touch with everyone, so please leave me something so that I can get in touch with you guys.

Oh I had my wisdom teeth finally removed on Tuesday morning and wow, what an experience that was. My mom said that the doctors had trouble waking me up and that I started hyperventilating. Which isn't good, and then when I finally 'woke' my mom said that I kept asking her strange questions (she wouldnt tell me what questions I asked) *shugs* And now it being the 5th day in recovery I can eat normally again (except really hard/chewy things) and I find that it sometimes hurts to smile big because they stiched my gums with my cheeks. But other than that I'm fine, I still have a little numbness in my right cheek, and now have to wait for my braces... oh goody.

Other things...
My dad bought some more chicks since the ones we still have are down to 8 and that counts the 3 roosters. They are so cute too, and their all different colors. He picked up some of what I call the 'fuzzy cheeks' because their cheeks are fuzz instead of feathers, and they lay blueish/green eggs. I think their real name is something like Europas. Which just means that they are a mixed breed of European and something else.

Anyways my spring break is almost throu and my brothers birthday is March 31st, hes turning 21. So I guess I will getin touch with everyone somewhere out there. I will miss you all if your leaving and will find you again.

Take care everyone in everything you do.

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