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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The life as a otakuian is slowly dying out I think. Your always on when nobody else is, you feel lonely and it seems that you never have time or even care to get online any longer.

I'm sure thats how everyone in a sence is feeling when they get on here.
Honestly my computer time is very limited and since spring break has come for me, its time for the removal of my wisdom teeth...oh goody. Cant wait to get that over with.

As for people with other means of forums/blogs or something else that takes your time away. Yensid, as for the MySpace thing, I dont believe in that. I mean everyone in the ENTIRE world has a myspace page and I just dont want to be one of them people.

As for other news
College is fine at the moment and I think there will be a Career Fair soon so I'm looking forward to that.

Well I must take my leave now. You shall hear from me again I promise. (besides who else it going to tell you how my wisdom bulling went) =)

Take care,

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