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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good afternoon Otakuians,

Or maybe goodnight or morning, depends on when you read this.

Have I got an update for you, or maybe its just for me...

Anyways as some of you know, I have struggled with choosing a career path to get on while my attending of college. Currently in one of my classes (Personal Development) the Professor has been getting us students online to do these surveys and what-not that helps us see/deside an interesting career choice to try. As these surveys get done, it gives you what your results are, and categorize a few of careers/jobs that relate to your finished results. Then you choose whatever in the list that interests you, and guess what I chose (at least for now)? I chose Museum Technician and Conservator.

Now doesn't that sound interesting.

Also I found a weird yet neat little video on YouTube that I thought would be perfect to try to get stuff in everyones head. Though if you rather not watch it, don't worry it wont hurt my feelingings.

Now I hope everyone has a good rest of the week and for the Missourians that I live with, hope for the weather to stop weirdingout!

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