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Friday, February 8, 2008

The news in life is important even if you don't think so. And my news is that in the coming month of March, I will be getting my wisdom teeth removed (all four of them). Ouch! Thankfully they will be knocking-me-out for it all. Also when I finish healing from that, I will be getting braces to straighten them out. All this will be happening in March of the whole week starting on the 17th. So nobody will hear from me then.
I at least have a month til all that happens and actually I'm eager to get it over with asap.

As for any other news on my life, its all the same. I still want out of my Steak-N-Shake job. And college is fine for now and I guess you can call it flying by for thats what it feels like to me.

OH for the younger myotakoians there is a site you all could check out that I think would be fun for you all to get involved with. Its called Gaiaonline.com you create avatars that you use as your character and you shop for items and play games and travel towns. Plus you meet new people moslty your age also. Chech-it-out!

Questions? Anything else? Yes there is just one more thing...

Because of the old headsets we use at Steak-N-Shake I have gone partially deaf in my right ear.

Thats All Folks

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