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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

HERES SOMETHING TO KNOW for Japan some of you might of not known about, or just didn't take the time to care for. This was found from the site of Jillian Michelle Williams BellaOnline's Japanese Culture Editor, about One of the holidays or celebrations in the month January.

The 2nd Monday in January is a national holiday in Japan not counting their New Year, called Coming of Age Day. All people who turn 20 that year are celebrated on this day, for that is the age that young people enter adulthood. Ceremonies are held in cities and towns nationwide, often with addresses made by prominent members of the community. Formal dress is often worn, and plenty of alcohol is served to those who are being celebrated.

Have anyone heared of or at least seen Sin City starring Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Alexis Bledel, Jason Douglas?

Heres a trailer for it and BE WARNED: CHILDREN UNDER 13 SHOULD NOT SEE THIS.

Bryan and I are feeling like we never see each other as to the new schedules we have for this semester in college. (of course his dad is loving it) So we both try to cheat out our time just to run passed each other with a hug or something, and we still call each other every night. Its not to bad I guess but people seem to change each day when you don't see them as much as you used to.

My new job with Steak-N-Shake is starting to bug me. The other employees are very uptight and yesterday was the first time working drive-thru by myself. (no it wasn't fun) I clearly wasn't ready but nobody cared. I messed up a lot of orders and left at 8pm with a headache. I don't understand when they told me that I have 30 days worth of training but they kick me out to work the drive-thru alone. It just makes me not like what I got myself into. So of course I will be wanting and looking for a new job away from food like I originally planned. I even have my advisor (I guess thats what she is) person helping me with that too. And them Bryan tonight has an interview with the Bank of America. So good luck to him right. (he is very nervious which isn't like him) :)


Over here in the St. Louis, Missouri region we have strong winds and a possible tornado warning till 7 tonight. (I highly doubt the tornado) And there are lots of tree branches falliing of into the roads so my Missourians watch out on the roads if you are going anywhere tonight.

As for me, I will be staying indoors while my brother and his friend are going to see Cloverfield at the Ronnies 20 theater.

Everyone else have a safe and fun week.

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