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Thursday, January 17, 2008


Well today didnt start very good for me. what happened? Well I will tell you.

First off when I got in my car, I noticed that i needed gas but I dont have any money for it. Second after i picked up Bryan from home, I got into one of the parking lots at Jefferson College and a 'JeffCop' as i call them pulls me over and the encounter starts like this:
JeffCop walks up "did you know your suppose to stop when theres a pedestrean walking?"
Me giving a look "Im sorry.." for I remember not seeing anybody walking.
JeffCop "how long have you been a student here?" and "can I see your student ID?"
I give him my ID and he goes and sits in his little crapy car and eventually comes back and lets me off with a warning. On top of that I might not have enough gas in my car to make it to the gas station now.

Talk about annoying! I know he was just doing his job but he needs to do it when there is actually people walking around that I can run over.

I finally got the rest of my books and I even got $25 off one of the books because I bought it new but it didnt come in new it was used. So that was a plus for today.

Also at Steak-N-Shake well as LordSesshomaru said I know theres no real steaks there but its called that because of the meat, its a 'steakburger' not a hamburger. You know what I mean.

As I was checking up on our good 'ol Magnus Lensherr, she mentioned something called CrunchyRoll and I checked it out and it looks interesting. Go check it out too if you dont believe me.

I have to depart for now, I have to meet Bryan for lunch, hes almost out of class. I will come back on hopefully later so have a good day everyone.


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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Heres something interesting to think about...

Do you ever wake up and find yourself unable to move at all? Almost like that feeling of when your arm or leg falls asleep and it has that slight tingling. Well what would you say that is because I doubt that your whole body can share that 'falling asleep' feeling.

Now heres for your entertainment...
Wacky 911 Calls

A call came into 911 Emergency because two couples were going to share a hotel room and there weren't enough towels.

A man called 911 and said: "Please connect me to Switzerland."

A lady called 911 because of a fight going on in a parking lot. When asked to describe the combatants, she said: "I'll try. There's one man, and he's dressed like Elvis. He's kicking another man who's laying on the ground and screaming 'You ain't nothing but a hound dog.'"

Another person called to report he had the hiccups.

A thirteen-year-old boy called to report he had "stuff" coming from his navel. Paramedics examined the boy and all they found was belly-button lint.

A male complainant called and requested police call gas stations on all exits of I-95 to find out which ones were open.

A woman called emergency to report she had seen a wild mouse in her house.

Someone called 911 to report the parrot got out of his cage and is in a tree outside.

A man broke up with his girlfriend and wanted police to go by her house and report to him the owners of any cars, other than hers, in her driveway.

A man called to report he had a roach stuck in his ear.

A guy called to ask if they delivered dope. When the person answering told him it was the Sheriff's Department, he hung up.

Another winner called to ask when the Cinco de Mayo celebration was.(Cinco de Mayo means the 5th of May)

A female complainant called to request a police officer come to her residence to change the battery in her smoke detector. She couldn't
reach it.

A drunk called 911 to order a pizza.

A woman called to report that someone had trespassed on her property. When asked how she knew this, she reported that the person had trimmed her rose bushes, and she knew it was her next-door neighbor.

A person called to find out the number to the police station.

Now for my news...

Steak-N-Shake is annoying just because its a restaurant. I just want out of the food business, is that too much to ask. I mean the place is fine and all and it pays well but i just want something else.
College is ok for now, i still need 2 more books for class I'm still waiting on. And well I just dont care much for the professors (their old and weird) what a combination.

well I must go now so everyone have a good day.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Help save our wildlife, its not just wolves in Alaska either. Go to Savewolves.org and donate to help those poor animals who are being killed for now reason.

Thank You.

A lighter look on life.
-yes mman Bryan is my fiance actually
-I passes my first semester with mostly Cs
-my second semster is starting Monday, even though Im not ready for it yet
-Bryan and i are looking for an apartment and him mom is helping me get my laptop

Christmas was boring I didnt get anything besides books that Bryan got me. And then New Years, well lets just ways I was asleep in my bed at 10:30pm haha. Also my mom got internet hooked up here at home so thats good.

I finally quit from McDonalds and am now working for Stake-n-Shake in Festus. Its better that McyDs so Im happy.

Today My dad is very sick which is quite scary since all my life he has never been sick, hes throwing-up and coughing really bad. i hope its nothing serious.

My brother whos 20, moved back in with us (oh goody) and I remembered why I hate living with him so much. What a slob!

Anyways Im sorry for a short post I have been working on my poetry which seems to be always getting rewarded with stuff, and then donating and sending letters for the PAW corp. to help with the animal killing problem.

I will be on later maybe, tomarrow Bryans taking me to see Alien vs. Predator 2 and then Im hopeing to talk him into learning to roller-blade. haha

Take care everyone

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Its beginning to look a lot like christmas...

ok well not yet anyways. all i see is ice and rain here in Missouri. though i like to think that at least this year we could hopefuly have a white christmas, i mean come on its been forever since we had a decent snowy christmas.

as for the inside my mom and i have put up our decorations except for the tree, we didnt want to pull it out, to much work expecially for those with allergies. but other than that our house looks like a winter wonderland and i like it. mom even found some fake snow to play with.

concerning with presents, i have already burned a big hole in my wallet though with selling-back books here at the college, its helping with the money issue. also mom wants use to have 2 christmases, one for just the family (mom, dad, brother-whos moving back in with us saddly, and me) and then another one with us and Bryan, who i will kidnap if needed. why? because again... its his dad who just refuses to like me or want Bryan to have a life, and well i think he just wants Bryan to be like him, a low-life who just sits at home ALL DAY and watches tv and sleeps. thats it thats all he does. and to make time pass faster he has to argue with everything and everyone. but we arent worrying about that right now because its the holidays and Bryan is mine forever and him dumb father wont stop me in what i want for Bryan -a life that hes free from his dad-

so anyways presents, right? all of my presents involve Bryan so i have to wait till he comes over to open them, his sister even got me something. woot woot!

now for college, well this week is finals and well i have art classes and we dont get finals, so all i have to worry about is math. oh goody!

well as for weather its bad, me, im good if you dont include work for they only have me working 2 days at the most, which sucks. plus NOBODY is hiring here, everywhere i go they just dont need anyone or if they do its just for college students who are getting a degree in that job course, which im not. grr oh well.

you all have a good and happy holiday for this is the time for relaxation! oh yeah!

lots of holiday loving

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Heres a funny news report

Thanks For Nothing

An ambulance was called to the aid of James Ritchie, thirty,
who was lying injured on a road outside Odell, Illinois. As it
arrived on the scene, the ambulance skidded on the snow-covered
roadway, then struck and killed Ritchie. UPI

As for me that could realy happen since on the radio i heard that there are more results of people failing their driving tests. Strangly though Missouri was 14 or so as for the good drivers... hard to believe.

Well I have finally finished my work for my failing class that the professor is letting me turn in late for full credit so that will help my grade. Also I made up my own resume at the college... aparently there was a site in the Jeffco home page that helps you create one. I also did one for Bryan, which hes happy about.

Thanksgiving is almost here and sadly i have to go to Tennessee to visit my grandparents and aunts on my mothers side. My aunts are crazy, and I'm not exagerating either! Ones a Lesbian and the other thinks shes an Indian. Ask anyone!!! Though i don't mind my grandparent for their pretty cool, plus I get to see the horses.

There was the MET for my english class and I passed it! Woot Woot! But Bryan didn't so he will have to take it again.
And my Math test wasn't good though, I reseaved a 50% on it. thats not good at all, though its not really hurting my grade.

Oh heres another News report that I couldn't pass up!

Creative Writing

A creative writing class at Slippery Rock University was asked to write
a concise essay containing the following elements:


The prize winner wrote:

"My God," said the queen, "I am pregnant! I wonder who did it?"

Thanks for reading and everyone enjoy your Thankgiving, or for the few who might not celebrate it... Happy Weekend.


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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hello everyone,

College is getting hectic since midterm is over and the end of the semester is getting closer, though I'm moving along thru. There are a ton of things that I need done before this months end, like reports/essays and Art Museum drawings and research and redoing past work to get some extra credit so i can past hopefully.

Today i just got together my next semester schedule (thank god) I was going crazy over it for about a week but I finally got it.

Now I know that I told you guys that I was thinking of what to major in and I have settled on being an Executive (aka office assistant) though a buddy of mine and my art teacher are gaining up on me saying thats boring and I should try for something else. They say I'm to exciting for that job, but honestly I have always pictured myself in a office. (yes my ideal job is to sit there and type all day)

As for concern in work, I have no problem since they arent even scheduling me anymore, I don't have to go in for work till Sunday. Now isn't that just peachy!

Well anyways it's time to get lost.

you all enjoy your week.


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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Heres a funny news story i found for you all.

May I Take Your Order? - Ypsilanti, Michigan

The Ann Arbor News crime column reported that a man walked into a
Burger King in Ypsilanti, Michigan at 8:50am flashed a gun and demanded cash.
The clerk tuned him down because he said he couldn't open the cash register
without a food order.
When the man ordered onion rings, the clerk said they weren't available
for breakfast.
The man, frustrated, walked away.

Well today was colder I think and I clung to Bryans hot chocolate mug to avoid frost bite (ok it wasnt that cold) but the wind stung.

This Saturday my parents and Bryan and me are all going to Six Flags for Fright Fest. I went there before and it was fun I cant wait. Then on Halloween we are having a Movie Night with the Costello movies. Along with whatever Bryan is bringing over too.

Tonight is the first night I don't have any plans and I'm going home and relaxing for the first time, my homework is to just draw anything, which is due Monday so I'm not worried, and an English paper which isnt due til Tuesday so i actually have time to relax and take care of myself for once. i cant wait to get home for that!

Bryan is figuring out him major since his gay dad is talking him out of US Marshal. i dont really want him doing that stuff though either but he likes it and i wont stop him because of that. i on the other hand is being talked into architecture, which i found out involves math and stuff, but i need to find something for next semester.

Oh I found a way to get pictures of my art drawing so i can show you guys. though I'm going to have to do it later or like next week sometime, but i will get them on here to show all.

Alrighty then I will take my leave now for I need to prepare to leave for home since Im still at the college.

Take care everyone

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Well the midterm grades are up and im not doing to well. i have nothing higher than a C and i have an F and D too. Plus i still need to think of a major to go in. since i changed my mind with journalism. Bryan says i should try an architech, im thinking other. today all i have been doing is meeting with administrators and councilors just to figure out what to do, its horrible. Bryan is helping me with some of it all and thats great for me though its not really getting us anywhere.

My pinched nerve in my shoulder is back and bugging me to death, i have trouble lifting and carrying things. so work isnt fun and it bugs me just to have my backpack. also i think im getting high blood pressure from the stress and strain , so thats not good either. also my legs are covered in big bruises because Bryans dog Holly likes to jump up on me and her claws are painful.

Now the weather is just freezing, though i like the cold so its no problem but it sucks when i cant breath or be able to feel my thingers. o.O

well now i need to go for i only have 10 minutes left.
thank you for coming here to read my complaining and life.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

why hello and how do you do.

ok im getting a little more organized with my classes though my grades are still in question, and i think i might have an idea of what major to go in. im thinking maybe an editor or something like a writer like in magizines, you understand what im getting at?

i mean my writing stills are improving and im getting more creative with it, plus my english professor has been likeing my one paragraph essays that we have been doing, today in the class we did an illistative paragraph about whatever, and i chose a topic on sleeping pills. that was fun to write about heehee.

now as for my art classes im enjoying them but im not really going to find anything as a career in there. though my mind isnt set on anything im just thinking of the ideas of what my major is since i registered as undecided as my first year.

now work last night was hell, i got chewed out by three people because either i wouldnt give them free food or because i didnt say hi and i wasnt nice, which i was nice its just not my fault im quiet when i talk to strangers, its just how i am and thankfully my manamger was right next to me and he defended me. i though that was nice of him since he doesnt really do anything really. (i made a buddy) o.O

oh and im glad everyone liked my ring and yes Bryan goes have good taste. we both are very protective with each other and we get along great, i got him a kinda cheap ring for him to wear. the jewelry ladies think its sweet for me to make the men start wearing the ring too. haha well im just glad i have him.

well i must go now or i wont have time to eat my lunch Bryan made for me, my graphic design class will start soon and i need a full stomach for that.

i will be here later kiddies.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

TA DA!!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

ladies and gentalmen my ring with the wedding band connected. omg isnt it beautiful i love it and i never take it off. im so glad i was able to finally get a picture of it to put here.

now as for my birthday it was fun we went to Union Station and then we found out that Hooters has moved so we just went to Hard Rock which was just as good. then we went shopping and then i did this bungy jumping on a trampling thing inside which was fun but i hurt myself too. then we got ice ceam at Magie Moo's and we went back to my house and i opened my present from Bryan. i got new seat covers with dragons on it for my car, the movie Devil Wears Prada, and the game Disgaea 2. and mommy just gave me a game ticket thingy that you scratch and win stuff, i just won $4. it was great.

then back to reality of college, its still hard and stressful for me im having problems in most of the classes now, which isnt good. im so over worked and stressed out that i think i might die though i cant quit my job yet til i get another one! gah i hate this im going to cry and die painfully...oh wait i cant die and leave Bryan alone. darn...


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