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Sunday, September 17, 2006

hi. this is probably gonna be really short since i cant think of anything worth pdating with. my life really has been compressed to work, exercise, internet, tv and manga. *shrugs*

this week was a bit chaotic with my shifts and next week looks to be the same. its like the rota we have just seems to be a basic template that can be rearranged at any time. makes planning stuff a nightmare. i gotta go dentist this week, and had to swap one of my shifts around to allow for it. >.<
on the positive side, i've been paid again.
554 English Pounds to my name, for roughly about two weeks work. (1,042 US Dollars, 1,384 OZ dollars) which is nice. ^^

im hoping to pay off some money what i owe to people (mainly my parents) and maybe buy some stuff. I bought a new Gundam model off of ebay, hopefully that will be here in a month or so. its one that ive been looking everywhere for, and ebay are the only ones who have it (and for relatively cheap)

speaking of Gundam models, i went recently to the only shop in the whole of my area that sells them (or at least the decent ones) and they had several that i could have bought, but weren't really on my "wish" list, so i displayed remarkable self restraint and didnt buy any. it took a hella lotta will-power though. ^^;;

the other day i recieved an email from John, who is my Gundam-obsessed friend who lives in Malaysia. we met when i went out there for my expedition earler this year, and we did the adventure phase (trekking, SCUBA) together. its was really great to hear from him after all this time. ^^

Exercise is getting a lil easier i think. I'll have to kick the training up a notch. well, the running at any rate...the weights still kill my arms every time. ^^;

i posted some Luna fanart on my deviantart page. clicky the link up top if ya wanna see it. its in my gallery under the name "Luna5"

and on that note, that be it from me.

i'll leave you with a continuation with last wednesdays CDD.


clicky on the picture to go to a random site selcted for you from my Fav's list. ^^

what? stop looking at me like that...

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