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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Because ONE person demanded it, Darke is updating again!!!
im easily swayed...lol

so how has everyone been these past few days? good? gut.

I ended up working on thursday, even though i had that day off too, but i didnt have any real plans and i need the money so...

wednesday was fantastic, I met up with Rhian and we kinda pottered about London. We did some window shopping, had lunch, went into the British Museum (its free entry) and had fun in there. Its amazing how much fun you can have in a museum if you share it with a friend. ^^

after that we went for a quick drink, then she had to go back to cambridge, but we had speant an awesome day together, and i really enjoyed it.

I also bought Chrono Crusade vols 4 and 5 that day. ^^ im really getting into it now.

Thursday i worked. thrillsville.

yesterday i worked. rah.

but yesterday evening i went up to London (yet again, lol) to see Lee Mack (the comedian) at the Bloomsbury theatre with my friend Paddy. It was so good, i was in stiches. and that was just the warm-up guy. Lee Mack himself was brilliant. absoutely brilliant. I felt really good after that. Laughter is indeed the best medicine to cure any qualms you might have. after work that day, i had a few qualms. ^^;

today Im going up to ELtham (my local town) to buy some more stuff for my trip to Malaysia and
also buy a DVD tower for my room so I can free up some shelf space. ^^;;

No chibi darke today, im still in a drawing funk right now, but i can feel it wearing off, mebbe next time i update k?

so instead i leave you with DARKES WEIRD-ASS RANDOM DREAMS!

this was sorta the dream i had this morning literaly right before i woke up. Me and some friends who i havnt seen since year 11 (when i was 16) were late to this thing the school were running and when we go there we had just missed some activity involving building a tower out of cake. The teachers were like "ok everyone, Put the cake back where you got it from and we'll see you next week. Remember, the cake is school property, so dont steal it."
so we left, and as we left, my friend Nick Ashby showed us he had stolen some Angel Cake (which is like my fav type of cake) and me and my other friend Dan were like "w00t!" so we took the cake back to Nicks house, but his sister was there, so we decided to go back to the school and we ate it on the school grounds. twas nice. ^^

welp, thats it from me.
i dunno when ill update again...probably next week. ^^;


and remember: Im not as funny as you think i am.

Im funnier...^^

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