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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Work tried to get me to come in again today, but i had already made plans to go and see Rhian up London this afternoon, so no dice. His (my boss) exact words were "we're in dire poo-poo down here,"

How nice, he condensed it to terms that a reasonably smart four year old could understand what he meant...

but i aint giving up today and cancelling my plans for hell or highwater....well, maybe high water. Its hard to find London if its been submerged....

My saturday went pretty well too. I managed to get up to London and pick up the following:

-Chrono crusade vols 2 and 3 dvd
-Ghost in the Shell movie (for 6.99! sweet!)

Tori Koro vol 2
Gundam SEED vol 5
Midori Days vol 3

Newtype Janurary Issue (im going to miss that mag when im in malaysia)

Ghost in the Shell poster (yes, another one! but a different one from the first one got)

and thats it. Damn, im going soft. If this had been a few years ago, i would have bought half the damn shop! I guess i've got better self control these days. ^^

Sunday was boring.

Monday and Tuesday I worked my rear end off at work. (another reason i aint going in today. I dont care how short staffed they are.)

and today im meeting rhian. (hooray)

man my hands must hate me. My job requires me to be in and out of hot and cold environments constantly and its beginning to show on my hands. At least it hasnt effected my ability to draw! the only reason i havnt done any chibi darke recently (or any drawing for that matter) is that i havnt had the drive. Ive got a coupla idead for comics, but no real urge to do them. i keep getting distracted. damn wi-fi internet. ^^;;;

so, thats all from me. Ill update again tomorrow or on Saturday.

I dont want the world to see me,
cuz i dont think that they'd understand,
where everythings made to be broken,
i just want you to know who i am...

"Iris" Googoo Dolls. Who doesnt like that song? i mean comeon, honestly...


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