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Saturday, January 7, 2006

how many licks does it take to get to the centre of a Phil?
i reckon alot myself...human saliva isnt very good at breaking down skin n bones...

Thank you all for my birthday greetings and wishes. you guys are the best.

The day wasnt too bad in the end. I should be getting time and a half AT LEAST for the work i did. ^^

after work i came home, and the day got better from there.
I got Doctor Who complete 9th doctor series on DVD from my parents and from my brothers i got some choccies and "Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig" vol 1 DVD!!!! w00t! tis awesome!!

Oh, i also got some moddeling clay from my grandparents. so now i can build chibi darke models! sweet!

My birthday cake was a wallcae and gromit curse of the ware rabbit one from the shop. Mum normally bakes a cake for our birthdays, but she's been really ill recently. ^^;

I finished the day off with a glass of Baileys on ice, my choccies and "City of Angels" on DVD. perfect end to what wasnt a brilliant birthday, but it could have been alot worse.

Today Im going up to London to engage in a little retail therapy. ^^

and next week I might be meeting up with my friend Rhian to go for a belated birthday drink. which would be cool. and i get to see the comedian with Paddy on friday. ^^

Oh, speaking of belated birthdays, I want to do a shout out to my psuedo-twin sister Mina a.k.a Watasefan

She was born on exactly the same day and year i was, so it was her birthday yesterday and she's 19 too like me! we're a coupla old farts now. ^^ (as eloquently put by my dear friend Purgatory ^^; )

well, i hope everyone has a most excellent weekend. Thank you to all who commented, special mentions to Princess Ookumae and Shadowtiger69 who both sent me e-cards. you guys are sweethearts. ^^

Toodles my friends...

*waltzes off singing GiTS SAC 2nd Gig theme*

I am a soldier, that means Im, both defendant and the judge, standing at both ends of the flame...

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