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Thursday, January 5, 2006

i had forgotten how hard it was to cycle to school...im shattered!

*huff puff* well, i do need to get fit...

i was back at school today to get back my music coursework. it makes me laugh to hear this stuff again. one of my pieces is an almost blatant ripoff of the Pirates of the Carribean OST and the two recorded pieces include my bad singing voice. LOL. but i dont care, i still like it. My piece entitled "Warmth" is here to. For those of you who dont know, or cant remember, I wrote a story called "See No Evil, Speak No Evil," and "warmth" was the theme tune i composed for it. ^^

ahh, nostalgia.

Next friday (not tomorrow) Im going to so see Lee Mack, a comedian, up London. My brother got me two complimentary tickets, so me and Paddy are going. it promises to be an awesome night. ^^

we've moved into a temp kitchen at work whilst construction takes pace aove the exisitng resteraunt. The new place is 5HI7! seriously, its cramped badly designed and just cr4p. we even had a power cut yesterday (just in the kitchen you understand, not in the hospital) so all the freezers and cookers shut down and everything. man. at least im only there for another few weeks. dayum.

oh well, at least i got three days off. today, tomorrow and saturday. today i took down the ole xmas decs and then did the whole school thing.
tomorrow is my birthday! w00t!
and saturday i might spend up london or something...

oh well, enough from me. ill post again tomorrow or saturday. ^^

i hve no cdd for you today (although there is one in the pipeline) but instead its the return of RANDOM PICTURES!!!

Today i have piccies of my 1/100 Gundam SEED plamos!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Aegis and Blitz

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Buster and my newly acquired Duel.
i still wanna get Red Frame, Blue Frame 2nd L, the Justice and the Master Grade Freedom Gundams (all 1/100). I also want to get the new Sword Impulse from Seed Destiny. ^^

well, thats it from me.

i bid you adieu.

AUCTIONEER: we have adieu, any advance on adieu? going....going...gone, SOLD! to the gentleman at the front...

pah. ebays got nothing on me...

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