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Saturday, December 31, 2005

this is it folks. officially the last post of 2005
So another year has passed. I was speaking with Flueky on Messenger and she mentioned doing a “review” post. Well, anime has review episodes right? Ok, so it’s Normally half way through the series, but stuff that. Here’s a short review of my life circa 2005

Ok, first off, I turned 18! W00t! legally allowed to drink in my country…which proved interesting later in the year at several parties… ^//^

And at the other end of the scale, my pet dog Sandy died. I still miss him, but at least he’s now at peace.

I also finished school this year! Huzzah! I got some pretty decent grades on my a-levels too. Most of my friends went off to college, but I stayed behind. ^^;

And as a reward, I went on a six week vacation by myself to the U S of A! I had a most excellent time in New York with my brother (I saw many many many movies, and bought much manga and anime).New York is one of the coolest cities in the world. And such a brilliant place to be when you’re on your own. I mean, my brother was there (I was crashing at his place), but otherwise I had free reign of Manhattan. Brilliant. Absolutely fucking brilliant. I was also in LA too. Hollywood, Disneyworld (twice), Universal Studios, and of course, the most excellent trip to Las Vegas. My brother and I driving through the desert (we went through a lot of CDs…and petrol) and then spending the night in Vegas. Awesome.

Course the highlight of the trip (and indeed THE WHOLE FREAKING YEAR!!!) was the week I spent in Tennessee with two of my bestest best friends, Amber and Chrissy (Flueky and Cee-Kari) and the last day with Mindy too (Mitzy). I. HAD. THE. MOST. EXCELLENT. TIME. EVER!!! Seriously it was sooo awesome getting to meet you guys for real, after spending so much time with you online. I am so grateful for meeting you here on MyO, and now I’ve met you for real, I feel like I’ve made some permanent friends for life. The lake, roller coaster hill, and the lil Chibi Darke you made Chrissy. And your AWESOME hospitality. You people are waaayy to fricking kind! You guys fed me the whole week and Chrissy; your folks gave me that hotel voucher thing. You guys are the best; I wish I could do more to repay you! Man! *stomps foot* I miss you guys! You were the best! I'm gonna keep saying that! Damn! Make sure you stay in touch as long as humanely possible! I want the grave to be the only thing that separates us! Daaammmmnnnn!!!

Phew. Take a chill pill phil.

Uhm, what else this year? Oh yeah, Stephen, my older bro came home. That was cool. Uhm…I crashed Luna…twice. ^^; ok, the first time I was in the snow, and the second, the woman crashed into ME! But yeah, it’s been an eventful year for me and Luna. And when I get back from Malaysia, Ill have to redo my basic training if I wanna ride her again. *sigh*
Uhm…started to learn how to drive. Which is cool.

Started to get things rolling for Malaysia. Done a few fundraisers. The Brecon challenge (which involved a lot of walking up near-mountains) was hard work, but a lot of fun, and worth it. And the other fundraisers I did. Cool.
I done a lotta Chibi darke this year on and off…lack of the darkester was usually a result of getting access to a scanner or the fact I was away. But again, an eventful year for me and him. Lol

I also managed to get a few stories rolling. Unfortunately, 3 of them never went anywhere ^^;

And I quit my shitty job at tescos and started an equally crappy job in the hospital. With a 5 month gap in between. ^^;

I bought a lot of manga and anime this year.

And basically, that’s more or less it. If I think of anything else, I might add some more.

Essentially what I'm trying to say is, although its been a hard year in some places (fundraising, A-Levels, Sandy dying etc) 2005 has been a fantasmagoricalllysplendifirous year for me and I hope it has been for you. But whilst 2005 had been great, I can’t wait for 2006 and the surprises it holds.

In one month I am going to Malaysia. I will be away for three months at least, so you probably won’t hear from me for ages. After that, I plan on taking a short break, then joining the Royal Air Force, possibly at the end of the summer.

So this is it folks. 2006 is the year I leave my childhood ways and traditions behind and stride forth into the great unknown called “Real World”. It’s gonna be tough, but as long as I have a pencil and a piece of paper, my connection and obsession with anime will not die. And if my obsession remains, so will my memories of you guys. And that will give me the strength to face anything the so called “real world” can throw at me.

Thank You.

Happy New Year!

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