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Thursday, December 29, 2005

its friggin freezin mr bigglesworth....
howdy folks! unless i post tomorrow or saturday, this is my last post of 2005! and its gonna suck cuz i have no material! w00t!

so how has everyone been? I've been cathing up with a lot of you guys, and sounds like your all doing well. Just like to say that im glad you liked your e-cards 9if you got one from me ^^; ) and Flueky, Cee-Kari, Mitzy, Shadowcat69 and my dear onee-sama Sailor Firestar, im glad you managed to get your cards, and that you seemed to like em alot. ^^

its been snowing here...sorta...its a kinda weak dandruff-like snow that melts pretty quickly. which is fine with me. Its dangerous to ride on Luna when the snow has settled.

i got my rota for the next week. I've got a lot of next week off (tho i do haveta work over new years, but luckily im home for the main event)

but thats ok, cuz i get paid double time.

however, next Friday (the 6th of Jan) im glad i have the day off. Why?


wow. 19. i feel so old. considering my usual activites of gaming, drawing cute things, watching "cartoons" (anime), reading "comics" (manga) etc etc are normaly the activities considered to be the norm of like...15 year olds...i guess im young at heart...lol

oh yeah, i hope everyone had a fantasmagorical christmas. i wont go into details what i got, but i got some pretty cool stuff which will come in handy over the next few months. ^^; i also got a bottle of baileys from my parents. Happy Fun Solstice Darke. ^///^

oh yeah, i wanna do a shout out for my dear friend Allie, a.k.a ShadowTiger69
she's currently running some anime award thingy where you can vote for stuff like hottest bishie, most deadliest weapon, sexiest girl etc etc from anime. kinda like the Oscars but w/out that tacky gold statuete thing. so hop on over there, check out the categories, place your vote. ^^


ive been reading alot of manga "novels" recently (ike actual books with text and few/no piccies) based on anime series. I got stuff like Ghost in the Shell, Mobile Suit Gundam, Gundam SEED, Howls Moving Castle etc. my mum and younger brother were all like "you're reading a book that doesnt have pictures?" all shocked like im some kinda moron. Um, excuse me, FYI, i have been reading proper novels since i was like 8. just cuz most of my book shelf holds manga these days, doesnt mean im "reading" any less. i swear. some people. at least i do read and dont spend most of my time glued to the TV or computer like some people (he types whilst having been on the computer for the last hour) ^^;

oh well, I hope you have a splendiforus new year and if i dont see ya again before sunday, I hope you had a fantastic 2005 and that your 2006 goes even better. I know mine was, and im certain this new year will be!

toodle pip folks. and may old aquaintence be forgot and new ones made instead...or not...

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