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Friday, December 23, 2005

man...i really must get some sleep the night before work...at the mo im staying up till 1-2am...and then i wonder why im tired when i have to get up at 6am...^^;

no tonight though. Im meeting up with my friend Paddy and we're gonna go to this Jazz gig, then go drinking. I hvat seen Paddy since i left school in July, and i cant wait to catch up with him again! ^^

This will probably be my last post before xmas day. I might post once more again before new year. Im gonna try to get an E-card or PM to all you guys though (except for you guys who should have, by now, recieved "teh project" ^^)
y'know...cuz i want to. Even though i havnt had as many people visitng me as i did back at the beginning of the year, I still feel like i owe you guys, cuz you lot rock. ^^

if you dont get either an ecard or a PM from me, then please accept my apologies and this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Merry Christmas guys! Hope you have a great one! if you do, think of me having to work, eh? LOL ^^

take it easy peeps. see ya soon.

EDIT: jus go back from the gig with paddy. it twas an awesome night, and carcing up with paddy took about 20 seconds. ^///^ but now im sooo fuckin drunk, it aint even funny. im gonna hate myself in the morning. have a merrry crimbo y'all. i lov you guys...

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