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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

*bashes head repeatedly on the keyboard*

678t7uyt 7u6yt7u 7yitu7ytt *chord of d minor*


wrong keyboard...

man im peeeeeeeededededded off. no one particular reason. several in fact.
ONE: my dad was in a strop for like three whole days, and when he gets moody, the whole family gets moody. personal reasons, im not going into it.

TWO: I applied for a job, went to the interview, didnt get it. ergo, still looking for a job.

THREE: mum is still buggin me to get a job. IM FREAKIN TRYING!! shes implying that i should go for a supermarket job if nothing comes up soon. NOT EVEN IF HELL FROZE OVER AND OPENED UP AN ICE RINK FOR THE LITTLE KIDDIES!!!!!!

FOUR: i have no money left. i am flat broke.

FIVE: Cadets is pissing me off again.

so ive taken to doing silly little things recently to take my mind off my stress.

I took a walk to Oxleas Woods on Sunday. It was nice. i pratically grew up in those woods, but i havnt been there in the last five or six years. It was quite nostalgic almost. And quite peaceful too. im gonna have to go back after its been raining for a bit, cuz i like Oxleas woods after the rain.
I also saw my old Primary school, the place i was "educated" from ages 5 to 11. the school backs onto the woods and there are a couple of trees that overhang the perimeter fence. I was half tempted to jump the fence and go and have a look, but thats trespassing, and i could technically get done for it, so i didnt. I also went and saw my old house too. its been a long time since i was there. not a huge amount has changed from what i can see though.

I've also taken up a bit of meditating too. a remarkable way of relaxing is thinking about all my friends (inc you guys)and taking a deep breath as i think about each one. Spending some time riding on Luna is a great way to be calm and realxed too.

ill be fine, i just really really need a job. argh!

ive uploaded more Chibi Darke onto deviantart. i will get round to posting it here soon.

till i see you guys next, ciao.

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