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Friday, October 7, 2005

blasted bumholes in the belfry.
dang it. i wanted to go and see "Howls Moving Castle" at the cinema, but it was at a cinema i dont normally go to, and i wasnt quite sure how to get there, and ended up on the wrong bus, ended up in the wrong place and missing the BLASTED MOVIE! >.< not too mention ive had a cold the past couple of days, so i been kinda down. but dont worry folks. I dont really regret being born. I just say things like that when im uber depressed and upset cuz i cant hurt anybody cuz id feel bad about it afterwards. so i say demeaning things about myself. I dont mean it, i just get moody sometimes.

besides, if i had never been born, i would have never met any of you wondeful people, or discovered the fantastically beautiful world of anime.

i picked up the first two volumes of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex for 7.99 EACH! THATS A FRICKIN BARGAIN!!! i like the lil Tachikoma's the best. they're so kawaii.


yeah, so dont worry bout me folks. im still here. YOU WILL NEVER GET RID OF ME!! BWA-HA-HA!!!

ciao fer now...

Thought for the day: "Thats the last time i ask my brother-who-has-been-out-of-the-country-for-two-years which bus to get to the cinema." >.<

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