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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

w00t. i had an awesome time in Vegas. me and my bro drove down there on the sunday, spent the night and came back yesterday. there is a hella lotta desert between LA and LV but it had its own kinda beauty. me and my bro got through a lot of CDs. and a lotta gas. ^^; seriously though, whats the big hoo-ha about gas prices here anyway? we paid $30 to fill up the car. in engalnd, the same amount of gas would cost us closer to $50. you guys have got it good. your problem is that you drive big fsking SUVs that guzzle gas and you use em to drive two minutes down the road everyday. jeez.

ne hoo, Vegas was awesome. we did a lil gambling (tho im technically underage) and i won $4 and 25 cents (tho it took me $5 to do it so i made a loss of 75c) and i also won a few dollars in the hotel we stayed in. The hotel was abit of a dive, but at 20 dollars for the both of us for one night, i guess i cant complain.
We watched the fountains dancing to music outside the Belagio hotel/casino, which is really immpresive, and we ate at the Harley Davidson Cafe, which is really cool.
when we got back today we went to the beach. I drew one of my characters in the sand, giant sized. ^^
tomorrow we're gonna go disneyland and we're also hoping to get to Universal Studios this week to before i have to go home.
its almost over. gonna have to go home soon (pay the bills >.< )
but ive been to Hollywood and Vegas, gonna go Disney and Universal. what more could you ask for in a holiday?

ne hoo, you guys have fun. ill try and post once more before i go home. later peeps.

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