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Friday, August 19, 2005

LOL and we wont let her forget it either. Poor Mitzy. ^^

The last days in tennessee where absolutley fantastic, with the last day spent on the lake. brilliant. Oh, i also spent the night at ambers the last time i posted too. On her couch...and got woke up by the ever psychotic Bullet (the dog) who was licking my armpit! oh well, poor dog. ^^

Im really missing Cee kari, Flukey and Mitzy tho. It was a fantastic week. as they say "time spent with friends is time well spent" and i whole heartedly agree. Im gonna have to get go back someday. Perhaps when you girls graduate huh? stay in touch.

the flight over to LA was lame, but tolerable. and LA is fantastic. Ive spent the last couple of days in the sun...and got a little sunburnt ^^; we're also planning to get rent a car (my brother and I) and go and see the sights and mebbe even go to LAS VEGAS BABY!! YEAH!

*sigh* i dont really wanna go home at the end of all this, but i need to find a job and start to work off the expenses of this holiday, and raise money for malaysia and stuff. BUT, thats for when i get home. fer now, i am enjoying life to the full. ^^

my exam results actually are released today. My A Level results. However, i told my parents not to tell me what they are. Ill found out when I get back (in a week or two) and ill tell you guys. Im hoping to get at least Bs in all three subjects, but ill be happy with a C in music tech too. as long as i did better than last year.

Ne hoo, thats the latest American Adventure update.
see ya next time.

The Pope
(long story, but gives you a insight into the title)

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