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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Heya folks. just some updates from the world of me. ^^

not a lot has been happening really with me. the biggest event of the past month or so is that i cleaned my room.


yup. i cleaned my room. properly. i can now see my carpet again! w00t! i also found some things i forgotten i had. its good to do a deep clean once in a while.

Im getting closer to being ready for this years Camp season. i spent a good solid hour or so yelling abuse at the american embassy visa application website. the application itself is annoying enough, but having to do it on the website is worse! hopefully its all sorted now. i gotta send off for that real soon.

its been a good couple of months for anime. I've been watching a series called "Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei" and its sequels. Its very bizarre, but quite funny too. ^^
i've also just finished watching a series called Sora No Woto. its a very beautiful 12 episode anime from the same animators who did K-ON. its set in europe in the future, but has the feel of an old fashioned era...sorta early 20th century europe. its hard to explain, but its quite light-hearted, has cute girls in it, and music plays a big part of the storyline. it is also quite capable of being dark and the story was very well written on top of the beautiful animation. i'd recommend it if you can see it.

i've also recently got into Victory Gundam, one of the older Gundam series. its pretty dark, and the animation is old style, quite close to the animation in G Gundam. its pretty good though, and i am enjoying it alot. I also bought a V Gundam model the other week, which im finding much enjoyment in.

The last big anime news is that i just watched the final episode of Shugo Chara. i've been watching that anime for 2 or 3 years now, and i have to say, im really going to miss it. Yeah, it was sorta childish, but you dont watch an anime for 125-odd episodes and not get really attached to the characters. It was funny, cute, but it also handled emotions really well. The story was well written and it really had a poignant message to get across too. im actually a little sad to see it go. :(

so, other then that, not much is happening with me. its my mums birthday on monday, then easter next sunday! w00t. and i also have a party that im going to the following week. so im staying pretty active all in all.

sorry i dont visit any more. as i said in my last post, i dont suspect i'll be posting much any more. perhaps until i leave for america at the end of may. ^^

till next time my friends.

"watashi no kokoro....UNLOCK!"

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