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Friday, February 26, 2010

jeez, i havent updated in like...2 months. i have no real excuse, i just dont really feel like updating here anymore. I guess this is it. almost. :q

its been a fairly busy two months all in all. i still havent found a new job, but i've pretty much given up on that. Cotswolds (who im technically currently employed by) said they have more hours available this March so imm gonna stick with them for the time being.

I went to see Ponyo at the cinema. It was a very enjoyable movie, perhaps not one of Miyazaki's best productions, but a veritable classic in its own right. I thoroughly enjoyed it and woulf recommend it to anyone. It's really nice to see a traditionally animated movie in the theatres today. It doesnt happen very often.

I have also decided, after watching a whole spate of Miyazaki movies, that if i ever have kids, im gonna make them watch movies like Ponyo, Totoro, Howls Moving Castle, Kiki's Delivery Service, Porco Rosso etc when they're young. im gonna bring them up on a diet of Miyazaki movies. and a few disney movies too, maybe. there's just something so heart-warming and fantastic about a good Ghibli movie that invokes the imagination that you don't get in some of today's kids movies.

Another big event from the past couple of months is that my older brother graduated from his diploma course in L.A. my parents went out to see his ceremony, so i got the house to myself for a whole week. it was pretty awesome. XD

and finally, i have spent the last two weeks training to get my full motorcycle license. I took the test yesterday, and I passed!!! so i am now a fully licensed Rider! w00t! it means i can take my Learner plates off of Luna finally. (I've been riding with Learner plates on Luna for 6 years. 6 Years! sheesh.)

so yeah, all is good with me. Sorry that i dont stop by and visit much anymore. or at all really. ^^;;; im bad like that. Though, tho be fair, most of my friends here are now on Facebook or DeviantArt, and i talk to them there. its pretty dead here these days. *shrug* i dont expect myself to last much beyond easter or so. i'll proabably shut down my blog then. its been a fun five or six years though. ^^

later folks.

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