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Thursday, January 7, 2010

23 years down, 477 years to go

Hey everyone who doesnt read this. FUUUCCCKKK. no-one just read that, so i can say whatever i want.

so the yesterday was my birthday! w00t! and actually, it was a pretty good day. it has been snowing here, so i decided to go sledding. it was actually a whole load of fun. there was quite a few people there, all strangers united in their innate need to sled. XD i also went walking through the woods, which were so inherently beautiful in the snow. all in all, a very good birthday. and lots of Facebook love. XD

so, whats worse then a hundred dead babies nailed to a tree?

One dead baby nailed to a hundred trees. HA!

today i went to see Sherlock Holmes at the cinema. It was an BRILLIANT movie, and i would thoroughly recommend it. Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law are spectacular.

its been a weird week or so since new years. lots of snow (what?!) and of course, i am now no longer with job. i need to do something bout that. :q

so anyhoo, if you ARE actually reading this, thank you. please read my last post too.

IF, however, you are NOT reading any of this, go smack a turkey. go on. DO IT.

till next time!

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