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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Annual Yearly Check-Up.

and so ends another year...and, even more importantly, so ends another decade! crikey.

looking at the decade as a whole, its been a pretty good one for me...much more interesting and exciting than the 90's! the 00 decade saw me have a 99.9% increase in my anime intake. not bad, huh? from "i like pokemon" to...well... you just have to see my room. XD i've also grown up a helluva lot during the last decade, my drawing skills have increased dramatically, and i've travelled alot too.

so yeah. a good decade. ^^

as for the past year of it: well, i spent a large chunk of it overseas. Working at camp for the third year running, then travelling on to Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand (which. was. AWESOME!) Hong Kong, and then a dream come true as i made it to JAPAN BABY! YEAH!! two weeks, one in kyoto, one in tokyo and i loved every second of it. it was amazing.

the rest of the year has been pretty good too. I passed my Motorcycle theory test a few weeks back, Luna (my dearly beloved motorscooter) reached 10,000 miles this year. i attended an anime all-nighter earlier this year, which was fantastic.
overall, the none travelling bits of the year have been fairly peaceful and relaxed.

its not been a fantastic year for art or stories, though the ideas keep flowing and i keep submitting stuff, which is good.

new anime this year? uhm...not much. I've recently taken to watching the Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei series, which is very funny, if a little bit dark. I also watched all of Solty Rei, which is a decent series, and i've watched the first half of Eureka 7, which is a good series. I've also taken to watching Kamen Rider this year, mostly Decade and Double, but i got the opportunity to watch some of the older series in Thailand. XD

This year has been an ok year for Gundam Models, though im rapidly running out of room, so i have to limit myself these days. ^^;;;

and, whilst i still spend huge amounts of time online, my little communities are starting to break down. I honestly believe MyO is on it's last legs, and i havent the urge to build up my Worlds. deviantart has been kinda quiet recently too, but i put that down to christmas mostly.

so, in summary, its been a very good year. and, as we swing into 2010, and I personally swing into being 23 years old (im such an old fart ;p )
i hope that the future will continue to be rewarding as 2009 has been to me. i've had a great year and i hope you have too.

a quick shout-out to any of my readers who still pop by from time to time (Princess, sbsp, angel zakuro etc)
and a big shout out to all the people i met this year and all my friends, who made my adventure truly fantastic. ^^

till 2010 then!

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