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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day

Hello Hello Hello and welcome from the United Kingdom.

and may i just say a very happy Thanksgiving to all my american compadres. I hope your day is filled with fun and turkey and stuff.

its been pretty quiet since i posted on sunday. the most i've done this week has been attending my kung-fu classes again. Mondays class was a killer...my stamina isnt what is was before i left! yesterdays class wasnt too bad, it was more focused on technique rather than stamina and power. ^^;

i also saw Spiderman 3 this week, finally. they were showing it on channel 5 here, so i recorded it and watched it on monday. i've never seen it before...it wasnt too bad actually. some of it was disappointing, but overall, i enjoyed it.

i've also spent alot of time this week on my new 1/72 scale VF-25F Messiah valkyrie model, from Macross Frontier. Its been a long time since i built a transforming plamo, not since my Zeta Plus MG. model technology has come along alot since then, so im hoping the transformation sequence doesnt ruin the model... transofrming models are notorious for being a bit lame when it comes to poseability. Since the Messiah's main gimmick is being able to transform between Fighter, Gerwalk and Battroid mode, i would hope the designers have put every thought into making work. we shall see. I havent finished it yet, it is, by design, a very complex model. it took me almost ALL of Spiderman 3 to do just the legs/engines. either im a very slow modeller (quite possible) or this is the most complex model i've put together in a long time (also very possible).

either way, im having fun with it. pictures will be up when i've finished.

Today im heading up to London to go see a movie at the Institute of Contemporary Arts...its one of the few places around here that show anime movies with any sort of regularity. as mentioned in my previous posting, im going to see Mamoru Oshii's "Sky Crawlers". i only have a vague idea of what its about, but it should be a fun night out. The last animated movie i went to see at the ICA was Vexille, which i really enjoyed, despite it being an Appleseed knockoff. I also went to see the Cowboy Bebop movie there, years ago now. so the ICA and I have had a good history. ^^

so, today is Turkey Day. XD
and on Thanksgiving, its become a tradition of mine to post up a list of things im thankful for, despite not being someone who celebrates Thanksgiving. (to any new comers, im British, we dont celebrate Thanksgiving.)

so here it is, in all its glory. to my regulars, its probably 90% the same as previous years. ^^;;

Things I Am Thankful For:

1: God, for creating everything, and for sending his only son to save us all.

2: My family, for their unending supporting everything i do.

3: My friends, who i seem to get more and more of every year. ^^ for the laughs, the gossip and for making me happy whenever i hang out with them.

4: My body. i need to take better care of it, but its always taken exemplary care of me!

5: Having a roof over my head, and food in my belly, especially in these times of economic stuggle.

6: For having a job is said times. as boring as it gets sometimes, it does help pay for things!

7: For Camp Pecometh, and another year of awesome times. Thanks to all the amazing people i met, and to all my amazing friends for hanging out with me and for making Camp the Best Job On Earth.

8: For this world. As much as we dont take care of it, and as much as it is filled with pain and strife, it is so inherently beautiful.

9: For the opportunity to travel, for the people who looked after and supported me through it all, to the people i met along the way, and for all that i experienced and saw. Thank You.

and now for the smaller stuff:

10: For my scooter, my laptop and my car... what i do without them!!!

11: for the internets! to enable me to keep in touch with everyone, to allow me to have a friend network that spans the globe.

12: for Gundam. and other anime and manga in general. XD

13: for Laura, my guardian angel, and Tessa, my muse, who keep me safe, and occupied. XD

14: for music and art

15: You, who reads my pitiful spewing onto the world wide web. thanks for stopping by. i hope you continue to do so.

and lastly:

16: Butterflies. this should be obvious by now.

have a great day my friends.

until next time!

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