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Saturday, November 14, 2009

"so you're a PC and Windows 7 was YOUR idea...well at least we know who to blame..."
btw, im a PC, so im allowed to knock PCs.

heya folks (all ZERO of you reading this). im gonna try and start posting again regulalry and see if my readership picks up again. if not, i guess i'll close down this faithful old site and just post sporadically on my world on theO VV. *sigh*

ah well.

i've been back home about a week, and its actually been pretty productive. i've managed to get Luna (my ailing and dearly beloved scooter) back up and running and all road leagal and stuff. only had to replace the battery...which was new last year. >.< but hey, sitting in cold storage for 6 months would kill anyones battery, so...

i have also discovered that my old job at Covent Garden is no longer available. BUT, not to worry: i have just discovered this morning that my old boss, who used to be manager at covent garden, has a space for me at his current store, in Orpington, which is actually closer and easier for me to get to than covent garden is. which is convinient. not going to lie though, im going to miss working in central london. its a good place to be based in. ah well.

what else have i got up to this week? i've already bought four new volumes of manga since returning...
Gundam 00F vol 1
Black Lagoon vol 8
Evangelion Shinji Ikari Rising Project vol 2
and Yozukura Quartet vol 5

and thats in addition to the many manga i picked up during my travels in america... i literally have no room left in my bedroom. im gonna need to get rid of some old stuff. >.< still, i got three weeks to sort myself out...hopefully i can manage that.

i also went to see "Harry Brown" at the cinema yesterday. its the new British gangster (sorta) movie, and it stars Sir Michael Cain. its very good, though incredibly violent too. i dunno if it'll ever get released in the states, but if it does, and you wanna see Cain in fine form, go see the movie.

i even found the time this week to make up a Gundam Model thats been gathering dust since i left in may. Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom, 1/144 scale. it was actually pretty simple to put together. ^^
my next model project is my 1/72 scale VF-25 Messiah, from the TV series Macross Frontier. its a little more complicated, so may take me a while. looking forward to it though!

und so thats all from me for now. keep an eye out for more updates at this address, and i may even post a few things up on my various Worlds on VV. unfortunalty most of my work and stuff is on my laptop, which i do not have in my possession at the mo. still, we'll see what we can do.

its good to be back. i just hope i start getting a regular readership again. fingers crossed!

till next time!

Two fish swim into a concrete wall. One fish turns to the other and says "Dam!"

say it out loud, its funnier.

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