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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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ZelldaKimiTenshi (08/27/06)

i love you site.
come stop by some time.
i love your BG!

cHiBiKuPo (08/24/06)

oy! ^-^ love the bkround, very wicked. see ya around! l8rz

Dark Phoenix (08/15/06)

Accidentally found me, eh? Heh, can't say I've heard that one before. I think I've seen you around quite a few times over the years. I recognize your Duo avi and we have some of the same friends.

Well, I'll see you around! And feel free to stop back anytime.

DotHackLoner (08/02/06)

haha whoa ur site is wicked ^^ well i'm just stoppin by peoples site and checkin em well i like how you got ur site arranged well stop by my site sometimes and tell me wat ya think if ya don't mind i mean well ttyl cyyyyyyaaaaa hahahahaha

hinatahyuga101 (07/26/06)

ive never been sane so yup... anyway i gotta go to bed bye!

Vestque (07/05/06)

Hi, Really like your site ^_^...I don't exist eh?...You'd be suprised at how many times I've heard that. Makes me wonder if I should believe it myself....:P
What's with the dead body? That is very very interesting. I would love to know how you've aquired such a thing. Pm me..?*looks hopeful*
But yeah. nice site. Love your bg ^_^


Darcia-bio (07/03/06)

hey nice site… not to be rude but theres a problem……if you want your backround to show put #XXXXXX in

•Change Site Border Color

•Change Inner Background Color

•Change Menu Color

then you and see your beuatiful backround…

xanth reborn (07/03/06)

Thanks for signing my guestbook! -^^-
[+]& A guestbook signing present for darke!
I'd join your MadOtakuan club, since I'm insane and I'm on myO, but unfortunately, I'm not from the UK. ^^" I'm insane tho!
u: what's in that present up there?
me: u'll see
u: *opens* ...a shoe -.-"
me: yup! it's randomly fun!!! See? *puts on head* -^^-
u: OMG, she really is insane XD
me: Do you have AOL?
u: ...
me: well if you do, I feel for you. Because it's *dun dun dun* EVIL! It's in league with Paint (AKA pixel by pixel torture) and my scanner (evil machine). *looks around* But they won't get me... not if I have anything to say about it!
u: O.O
me: *looks at friends list* Ooh! You know rini (fox ressurected)!!! -^^- She's one of my offline buds!!! *glomps rini* It's alright rini... we still luv you, even if you did get *deep breaths* taken in by the evil myspace XD

yeah... she converted to myspace and doesn't use myO anymore. So you might as well take her off your friends list. I'LL GET YOU IN THE END MYSPACE!!!!! XD lol

Do you know GeorgiEvilHarri? She's British, I think... well she says she is... u never can tell w/ internet... ^^" You might wanna recruit her for your club. You might also wanna see my best friend Chibi Koneko Girl, b/c she loves Chibis, which judging by your site (correct me if I'm wrong), you also love! -^^-

wow... that came out long. ^^" I'll shut up now, except to say that I'll see ya later! *glomp*


snow drop (07/03/06)

Hi thanks for the gb signing ^^ Ah another british person...KOOL. Well I love your site the colours are awesome especially the green oooooo *pokes it* anyway it rocks!!!

Klakie93 (07/03/06)

I do enjot writing long posts because I find it easier to let everything out and explain situations better.
I like your site.
See you around,

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