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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hello again =D I'm back!! Re-done my layout, although knowing me it'll change again XD But for now it's staying like this, simple. As you can probably tell i've opened up a request line xD Not sure what i've exactly got myself into, but whatever lol.

I know i haven't been around alot recently, but that was due to the fact that i had no internet access, and it was truly a hassle. But now that i'm living with my mum Monday - Friday, i get the internet on weekdays! Yay!

Ok, wanna catch up on what's been happening (probably not lol)? Ok, i'm just guna copy/paste from LJ cos this is one long ass thing to re-type o.o;
Guess who's now 18 years old? Yep yep, me =D I am now an adult. Well, through age anyway. In reality i'm still immature XD Actually my birthday was way back on the 11th, but since i haven't been near the internet till a few days ago, i didn't get to post anywhere =P

The rest of this is just guna be me going through what's been happening while i've been gone, it's behind a cut just incase you don't want some long ass post on your friends page XD

Ok, before i start, i think i need to put down a few names and what they mean to me xD Otherwise when if/when you read this it won't make any sense.

Michelle = Ex-best friend. We are only mates now, and even then it's strained.
Paul = Michelle's boyfriend. I use to like him, but now he's become a moany bitch.
Chris = Paul's brother and one hell of a good friend to me. Also great friends with Phil.
Phil = Michelle's brother and my best friend =D Don't know what i'd do without him really.
Sarah = She's been a good mate to me since i first met her so many years ago. Got back in touch a good few months ago and now we regulary go out.

Well other then the usual stuff (ie me and Phil going out everyday wandering around) a few things have happened. I had a joint birthday party with Sarah (her b-day is on the 12th, a day after mine). We went out to a night club called Zens, since we're now legal to drink lol, even if i ain't a drinker, with a few mates. Unfortuantly Chris n Phil couldn't come since they ain't of legal age. But it was fun =D Danced the whole night away lol. And because of Sarah's boyfriend, Olive, who brought two of his mates, i now have someone who fancies me O.O

I thought "Hey, well we'll go out next week, and see what i feel then" because quite honestly, when i'm drunk i'm not myself (not in a bad way), but then, who is? But, love wasn't on the agenda this time. We went to a local fair the next Saturday (a whole group of us), and on one of the rides he grabbed my hand >>; I kinda freaked. It felt totally odd. Yeah, you can kinda guess that boyfriend/girlfriend relationships isn't my best subject. Anyway, it didn't feel right, not at all. I felt no 'spark' at all between us. But alas he keeps texting me, wanting to go out again. Somehow i have to tell him i ain't interested in him in that way. And i so don't wanna use the cliche "It ain't you, it's me", but ya know what? That's totally true in this case. He's funny, kind and all that good stuff, but i just don't like him.

Michelle and me have this rift between us atm because she bailed out at the very last minute on my birthday. Literally. About 10 minutes before she was meant to meet me to go and meet up with Sarah she text me saying she weren't coming, for reasons she couldn't tell me. And the thing is, she lied. There was no reason why she couldn't come, Paul actually wanted to go. The reason why she didn't come; she couldn't be bothered. And she has the cheek to make it sound like she has a good reason not to come. Michelle & Paul then went on to crash and ruin Chris n Phil's night in. Which i think is entirely unfair really. Apperantly Paul was screaming at Chris to do the laundry, at 11:30pm on a Saturday night. What?!

Other than that, things have been pretty normal. Dad's driving me crazy. Phil n me continue to take long ass walks and simply talk. Ohh but a good thing. We're dragging (not literally) Chris out more often. He use to stay in all the time, but he's coming out frequantly like he use too =D I did miss him.
Ok, there's quite abit to add to this xD But i'll do that tomorrow to save you the time of reading it all in one go lol.

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