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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Guess who's now offically been here 2 years? That's right, the one and only dark sephiroth. Why i joined on valentines day i don't know. I had a cool banner made n everything..but it's on my laptop which isn't here, and i can't be bothered to make another one. Yes. I am lazy. And atm...i'm completely fucking bored it's unreal!! Save me from this boredom!

Trying to sort out the details for my 18th birthday party. Well mine n Sarah's joint b-day party =P Can you believe i'll be 18 soon? How cool neh. Guna go get hammered with some of the girls lol, then go clubbing =D Goota try n find some white sashes that say "Happy 18th Birthday" or something.

Anyway, dunno what else to say so...bye!

Ohh and to you lovers n haters: Happy Valentines Day ♥

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