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Friday, January 27, 2006

Can't stay too long cos i need to go pick my sister up soon from Southampton with my mum, and it takes 3-4hrs to get there >>; Long car ride lol. But i'm bored so hey. Hopefully she's guna come with me to sign up, today or tomorrow, not sure.

Hehe, Stephen just put like 3 letters beside me XD Finally got my Pin card number then. I feel so mature lol. Haha, just got the number and it tells you to destroy the slip afterwards, so i set it alight XD And when i struck the match some random lil fireball come off and flew at me lol! Brilliant.

I don't know when i'll have my site up =/ Apperantly the domain people are being bastards and taking forever, so i doubt i'll have it up before i have to go back to dad's. Well, i don't *have* to go back to dad's, it's just Phil's complaining that i ain't on 'ends', since he's finally allowed out of his house =P Aww well, he can have some alone time with his GF, i have some things to sort out lol.

Just looking around me and i have about 5 different letters from the bank, fucking hell they send ya alot of shit don't they XD Do they actually expect me, a person with the attention span of a fish, to sit there and read all that boring crap? I have about a billion new numbers to friggin' remember, and i don't even know my own mobile number. Well my old one anyway, which i had for a good 2 years =P I've recently switched over cos my dad refused to pay the bill for my phone anymore complaining that he's poor. Although Trish seems to be going around telling everyone they have shit loads of money. Ok? So really my dad means, i'm guna cut off all entertainment for you because i can. Bastard. Complete and utter bastard.

And now i can't get this friggin' card off this letter. It tells me its for 'convience'. How convient is it if it's stuck to the fucking card!? I sound like i'm moaning, but i ain't =) I find it all quite amusing atm haha.

Anyway, i've just gone on for a few paragraphs about banks, letters, numbers and once again my dad XD So instead of boring you anymore, i shall be taking my leave. Ohh, and say Happy 2nd Anniversary to my bro, Ryudostarwind!!

Happy Anniversary!

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