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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Internet Related: Weeee! Look at the pretty pretty layout. How fantabulous (no, that isn't a real word) is this? Regardless of what anyone else thinks, i love it <3 If you wanna know who's in the layout, it's Kakashi in his ANBU uniform, and the back of Iruka's head XD The scan came from fighting-dreamers.org, and i recommend that site to any Kakairu lover. Or maybe it came from Kakairu LJ community *thinks* I can't remember XP

Although me & Sw33tz are still trying to work out a little bug >>; Although it isn't *that* important, it's just a nice add on. I also know that 1 of the songs in the playlist doesn't work atm, so don't worry bout that =P And, the link (attached to the header) leading to 'My Site' isn't working yet. Why? Cos my site isn't up and running yet XD Although it should be soon hopefully.

Anyhow, i've finally finished scanning 1 of my Kakairu Doujinshi; Sukoshi Miraino Bokutatihe, by Chikadoh. Although i still have to finish cleaning it up, and then have to scan my other 3 Doujinshi ;___; Guna take a while, but i'll do it lol.

Chikadoh has to be my fav artist for Kakairu so far =P The drawings are just so adorable. Although it can be sad at times ;___; In 1 of my Doujin Iruka starts crying. Awwwwww, the sadness! But if you wanna see some of their work go here: Chikadoh's Site.

Also, i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get the full version of Mousse T's song "I'm Horny" an mp3 version preferably >>; Cos the one i have is a short version. Blah.

Real Life Related: Finally opened up a bank account XD I can't see why my dad couldn't have done it honestly. But he seems to be trying to make my life as difficult as possible now days, and i'm not too sure why. But it's friggin' killing me inside. I feel like nothing i do is good enough for him, as if he's attempting to drive me away for some unknown reason.

I'm hoping to get signed up to a few temp agencies soon, they'll help me find work quicker, well that's what i'm hoping. It seems that no one wants to give me a job -_-; I'm not sure why though. It's not like i have criminal record or anything, or look like a thug.

Anyway, enough mopping, if i continue down that road i might end up in tears again >>; Yes, it's gotten that bad. The minute i have some money in my pocket, i'm treating myself, and my mum, she's been having a rough time lately, and seeing her hurt kills me.

Well that's all i can be bothered to say >>; Tata.

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