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Monday, January 16, 2006

I had one of the biggest scares of my life on Tuesday. I received a text from Phil's mum saying he'd cut his arm bad and that he was in hospital. Later i found out he put his arm through a window and cut an artery. An Artery! A fucking artery! He nearly bled too death. He also damaged 6-7 tenends(sp?) and some nerves. So now he can't feel anything on the tip of his ring finger (right hand). Luckily they repaired most of the damage, although Phil isn't allowed out for a good while, the cold could cost him a finger, same with smoking >>; He isn't happy with that.

Most of Tuesday & Wednesday i was at the hospital with him & his parents. But now he's out, thank god for that. Although he said he misses the TV XD And he said something yesterday that not only will i hold him too, but made me feel really happy "Friends forever" 碢碮

And Sw33tz, we will definately have to make some layouts =D I liked the last one we made.

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