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Friday, February 27, 2004

What Kind Of Werewolf: The Apocalypse Character Are You? by Wayauhisodi
Tribe:Red Talons: A tribe unique in that it is composed almost entirely of lupus members (with a very small but growing number of metis, and even smaller homid). Red Talons live in the wilderness among their lupine Kinfolk, and they believe that Gaia's only hope is the extermination of all humans.. and even a few Weaver loving Garou along the way. Glass Walkers, those dogs in monkey skins are tasty.. once you get by the clothes. They are of random heritage. Griffin is your tribal totem.
Birth Form:Lupus: You come from the joining of a werewolf and wolf (or more rarely, two Kinfolk wolves). Long ago 1/3 of werewolves were lupus born, now it's more like 1 in eight. You suspected you were different from an early age, perhaps you were more intelligent than your packmates, or faster and stronger. You do not think like a human, and more often than not, you find their ways to be rather.. ridiculous and long winded with their "monkey-babble." You believe in cutting to the chase, think in terms of black and white, and detest deceit.
Auspice:Ahroun: Full Moon (Waxing), The Warrior. Like the wolfman of legend, you revel in violence and feral frenzies, meting punishment with your cruel claws. As waxing, you are a fanatic about proving yourself.
Rank:0 = Cub: Unfortunately you haven't gone through your Rite of Passage yet. You probably haven't even had your First Change yet. You're still considered new to this Garou thing, and the others treat you as if you are a child. Which, to them, you are.
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