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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Dragon Island Part 2
Surrounded by darkness she sat in the middle of nowhere curled up in a little ball. She started to cry and muttering of how much she missed home.
Suddenly the darkness turned red and flicker's of flames began to rise higher and higher. Was she in hell.
Looking up, she was face to face with a half fleshed skeleton. With one eye still in it's socket,it searched the little girl. She couldn't bare to look at this monster any longer,but paralysed with fear she had no choice.
And there was the beast that brought her here,Kuja.
"Mistress, Mistress you have a vistor,wake up mistress"came a voice.
Opening her eyes it was Chico. Karma sat up and put her head in her hands.
"Did you have another bad dream" Chico asked.
"Yes, ever since Kuja threatened to get me back i've been having nightmares."
Chico put her arm round the young girl's shoulder and whispered to herself, "This shouldn't be happening to a 12 year old."

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