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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Dragon Island (made up story)
Character Info;
Kuja - A "Dark Priestess" of Lord Hades, sent on a mission to kill Karma.
Karma - The last surviving "Golden Healer" who has the power to drive any evil from a person's soul.
Chico - Karma's Dragon passed down through her family, Chico is very wise but no the strongest of dragon's.
Sermon - Kuja's dragon, a very powerful dragon and the only creature who truely understand's Kuja.

The Story;
"Dark Kiera" yelled Kuja, as a black sword engraved with red diamond's appeared in her hand.
She clasped it coldly, no emotion of what she was about to do. Staring down at Karma, she grinned "You look better with all them scars, you know."
Karma, eyes filled with tears, shook her head in disbelief as to what was to be her slow, painful death.
Suddenly swooping down from the heavens came her faithful dragon Chico.
Chico was a pale yellow colour with pure gold wings. Unlike most other dragon's she was very long with four short legs. She was one of five dragon's who don't work for Hades ,Lord of the Underworld.
Knocking back kuja with her long scaled tail, Chico stood over Karma to protect her.
Kuja knowing she couldn't kill such a beast alone, whistled loudly and jumped over the cliff, only to be caught by Sermon.
Sermon was Kuja's one and only friend and was a very big dragon with pitch black scales and large powerful wings.
Flying away Kuja turned around and cried "We haven't finished with you yet."

Comments are welcome, please tell me if you wish there to be a second part to this story.

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