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Sunday, February 15, 2004

   This time i win.....
Another Sephiroth head went rolling across the floor. A baffled Cloud turns his head to find yet another sephiroth smirking at him.

"You won't kill me this way you know" laughed sephiroth
"I killed you once i can kill you again."
Cloud lunged at him, stabbing sephiroth with his buster sword.

Falling on the floor sephiroth dissappeared. "You have no chance of winning" came a voice from the shadows.

Cloud was now surrounded by 5 or 6 sephiroth's, but not one had there sword drawn they just stood there motionless.
Suddenly one of the sephiroth's from behind cloud ran at him with his sword fully poised, but he only hit him round the back of his head with the handle of the sword.

Falling on his hands on knees, cloud was slightly shocked.
Then all of the sephiroths flew upwards and combined to make one.

Falling downwards with his masamune pointing down,he thrust his sword into clouds back. As he slowly pulled his sword from his paralysed enemy he smirked and said "This time i win."
With his sword back in it's holder he walked away.

Cloud lay there half dead gasping for air, but then he realised something, he was in the exact same position as Aeries when she had died at the Forgotten Capital.

Then he died in silence, no music, no sorrow, no tears, just silence.

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