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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Time: 6am
Mood: Surprisingly happy
Music: The Calling
Quote: "Un-huh, i love you more!"

Well between me and Phil, things have gone from bad to worse. I honestly can't be bothered to tell you everything that happened, but after Friday (the party night where i left crying) i was obviously hurt, and quite frankly on the edge. So after some more things happened, i told Phil "Unless you say sorry, don't bother talking to me. Cos i ain't guna bother talking to you until you do". And needless to say, he hasn't even attempted to call me as of yet, and i honestly doubt he will. Once again, i cried the whole night, well the night that i told him.

But i am happy, a few moments ago, me and Val sorted everything out ^.^ Some of you may remember her, some of you may not. Basically alot of messed up shit went on, and we still loved eachother like sisters, but we were scared of talking to one another. How screwed up is that? That talking to someone who makes you happier beyond belief, actually scares you? But anyway, we are back to talking to eachother just like the old days =D Hot damn how much i've missed her.

This whole thing has made me miss Mai...i want Mai *pouts* I can't wait till shes back hehe.

Anyway, the whole of my weekend consisted of playing Timesplitters: Future Perfect. Which is an excellent game btw, very funny indeed =P In the 3rd level i kept zooming in on Cortez's (Steven's character) butt XD That made me giggle. And nearly getting raped by all the monsters in Unreal 2 X3 No seriously! Those things had the hots for my character lol. Steve knows what i'm chatting bout >.> I think i might go up my mum's house again this weekend. Get Steve to rent out TS3 again, or i will, either way ^_^

Ohh and before i disappear, i started my icon challenge for Joey Wheeler, here's the first batch of 10: Clicky Clicky! And yes i know, there's alot of empty space in that post, but i'm working on it ok! Anyway, i'm off ^^ Bye d bye xx

Gothic Kaiba: I am working on your button hun, i just gotta get off my lazy ass and make it =/ Which will hopefully be in the next day or so X3

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