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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Time: 3pm
Mood: Content
Music: The Calling - Whenever You Will Go
Quote: "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."

Ok well first thing, ain't started work yet. Which is annoying me. I need money! Apperantly i can't start till Jim rings me. Why does this whole thing have to be complicated? It's a fucking factory! As long as i get the work done, who gives a shit?! Seriously. *Sigh* At this rate i'm just guna drop this job and look for another one.

Also, the theme won't be puppyshipping, why? Cos i've used all my best piccys in previous layouts, and i don't like the same layout being used more than once heh. So i'm guna switch it to Link. Yes, Legend of Zelda Link. I've set up my N64 again and have been messing around with Orcarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Phil came round and he played some Super Smash Bros and some Pokemon Stadium. It's the funniest thing to watch a rude boy play something like Pokemon XD Especially when he's losing haha!

I think me and Michelle have this weird rift between us atm. Usually when i go into their house (usually to wait for Phil) she comes chats to me. She made a point of ignoring me yesterday. *Shrugs* For once in my life i ain't guna apoligize to her. I did nothing wrong at that party, and i will not say sorry for something i didn't do. *She* ignored *me* not the other way round. So if she even values anything bout our friendship, she'll have to make the 1st move. Cos i'm not.

Hey, did you notice that i've gone to #8 in the ranks? Haha. How strange, you strange strange strange people who visit me X3 But i do love ya'll for it.

And now for some shameless plugging. Go and now visit the Hyuuga Clan's new site. Go on, shoo....what you still doing here? Go on, shoo shoo.

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