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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Time: 2:10pm
Mood: Blah
Music: SOAD - Peephole
Quotes: "And i care because..?"

Friday. Night. Was. Shit.

I basically had the worse time in my life. In the end i walked out of the party {i keep saying i walked out, but other people said i ran o.O} went home and cried. So yes, the whole night was just a total fuck up and i would rather not go into the whole thing. Simple explaination, my friends near enough ignored me the whole night.

So obviously Saturday i wasn't any better, i wasn't joking or laughing or smiling, just being cold and blunt with everything i was saying. Phil probably got annoyed with me, but fuck it, he upset me Friday. Phil said he will be calling me today to go out as well, but i seriously don't feel like it, this weekend has just been one huge fuck up.

I start work tomorrow, i mean, my normal hours etc. The sucky thing is i don't get paid till 2 weeks o.O; They do this thing called 'week in hand' where you don't get money {what a stupid name then neh?}. I was like "Why can't they take half my payment this week, and then half from the next? I need that fucking money!" Bastards. So that means 2 weeks till i can get that suit, i don't even know if they'll have it that long ~_~ I want that suit.

Theme shall be changing soon-ish, to a puppyshipping theme. With the amount of Joey icons i have to do atm {i'm in this lil thing where you make 100 icons of a character of choice, i choose Joey} he is like taking over my PS7 XD Ahh well, Joey and Seto are always good together {i'm sure some would disagree there, but fuck it}.

Bye <33

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