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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Time: 3:40pm
Mood: Achy x.X
Music: Amercian Head Charge - Just so you know
Quote: "I'm just guna blame Phil for everything"

First thing, ok Zero, i don't even know where to begin, lets just say, if you don't like me complaining, then don't show up o.O; Sorry if that sounds bitchy, but so did your comment. And well, this is my site, i put whatever the hell i like. Yes, i know some people don't have a job, so why does that give me no right to complain? Not exactly my fault if other people don't have a job now is it? Oh and for your info, my family does has financial problems at the moment. My mum and sister are in serious need of money, half the reason why i got this job. The minute i stop getting paid cash in hand and get paid my normal amount i'll be helping them out. Not to mention that i'm complaining about working nights for 12 hours, which is different to my normal hours.

Anyway, i ain't working nights anymore =D Yesterday was my last night hehe. Trish said her and Toria will take over my otehr nights. Unfortantly that also means i won't be able to get that suit i wanted. Blah, i'll get it when i have the money i assure you (i want that freakin' suit). Last night was....ok. We started a couple of hours late (hazaa!) but then the time just dragged on ~_~ It was hot and i had bugs chasing me X3 I fucking hate daddy long legs (commonly known as Crane Flies)!!

I didn't get to watch all of Last Exile, my computer was just goin SLOW! But i did make some more icons, hopefully i'll have enough to make a batch of em >.< Takes so long for me to make these things lol. Serial Experiments Lain is now completely downloaded, now onto Inu 3, which by the looks of it, will take forever XD Damn it all! Ahh well, i still have Last Exile, Yami to Boushi and now Lain to get through.

Ohh, and thanks for 12,000 hits! I will make a lil banner or something later when i can be bothered. Anyway, i'm off <3

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