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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Time: 1:15pm
Mood: Bleh
Music: Wilt - Distortion
Quote: "Pollute yourself with all your idols"

Damn, i have to work tonight x.X I so ai't looking forward to it. It's hot and i can't be bothered to even move XD Yet alone do 12 hours of packing/moving boxes. Blah. I need a better job. At least i need to start working normal hours *shakes fist* Ah well, Trish told me she's sick of doing night work, so this week is possibly our last time doing it *hopes and prays XD*

I'm desperate for Phil to get this job with me o.O; If not i am by myself until i get to know the other workers, but most of them are alot older than me >.< So it will seem quite ackward at first. Blah to that as well.

Serial Experiments Lain finished downloading yesterday b^.^d But when i get to watch it i don't know, i'm barely on the computer when i'm doin several nights of work ~_~ Why does everything keep linkin back to this darn night work! Anyway, before i do go to work i will watch the rest of Last Exile ^^ I love this anime to bits, so cool! Now if only Inuyasha Season 3 finishes so i can start downloading DN Angel (i only like downloading 1 thing at a time). Damn, i've been downloading a shit load of things XD

Anyway, i'm off to watch Last Exile, have a gooden!

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