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Monday, June 20, 2005

Time: 8:30am
Mood: Hot x.X
Music: SOAD - Soil
Quote: "Treat it like a baby. Burn it if it wants to get burnt!"

ZOMG! Many funnies XD Saturday and Sunday was just a complete laugh. Saturday morning/afternoon went shopping at Camden. I got about 4 t-shirts, 2 skirts and some socks/tight thingies. I'll be going next Saturday as well to buy this suit i saw up there, costs about 56, but well worth it ^.^ Prettiful.

Saturday i got back around 5-6pm, i didn't even get a 15 minute break before i was out the door again XD It was me, Michelle, Paul, Phil, Peek, Chris, Shane, Rich, i think thats it. We were all just sittin in Phil's back yard having a laugh and enjoyin the non-cold weather X3 Then we went off to some field and just pissed around.

Phil said the funniest thing XD He was joking earlier that Paul kills everything he touches, and that he is the crazy frog (that weird ring tune thing), so half way through the convo all i hear is "It's alright. He's the Grim Reaper Frog" XD ZOMG! It was so random and funny o.O Or i'm just weird, either way. Michelle and Paul kept saying "I am gorgeous" for some odd reason. And than Peek goes to Chris "What are you, a fuckin tape recorder?" (Chris was repeating the whole convo, thats why). Funny stuff ^.^

Sunday, went out fot Fathers Day. Had a meal with dad and us kids ^.^ It's always fun when we get together. We had this blasted tree attacking us o.O No, i'm bein completely serious, it kept throwing things at us, hit me in the arm the bastard.

Sunday evening went up to Holly Hill and soaked up more sun x.X I hate sun lol. But the funniest part was when it was just me and Phil in my backyard smoking. He had just rolled a joint and said "That's a nice joint. Treat it like a baby. Burn it if it wans to get burnt" XD Can you imagine a baby wanting to get burnt and some random person sets it alight. Yes i know, its evil, but it is funny the way he said it cos he didn't mean it like that XD And then from then on i was giggling like a mad woman ^.~

It's now Thundering outside XD British weather is so unpredictable, damn it lol. I have to work Tuesday, Wednesday and possibly Thursday evening. I seriously don't want too x.x I HATE night work. But money is good, so lets just look forward to that.

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