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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Time: 9:20am
Mood: Happy but Hot x.X
Music: SOAD - CUBErt
Quote: "I am Steve!"

Ack, well i gotta make this a quick post, gotta get ready to go out to Camdem x.X It's fucking HOT! My face caught the sun yesterday from just walking around! I was out from about 11/12am-ish till 11pm. We were all just wandering around and smoking XD But the day was hot! And apperantly it's hotter today! I honestly ain't a lover of hot hot weather, especially when it's sticky. Ya know, when there's no breeze to it? I can't stand sticky weather >.<

Sorry i'm complaining XD Going shopping in a moment, and then getting stoned again tonight o.O Damn i get stoned enough XD Aww well, it gives ya giggles.

Sorry if that wallpaper disturbed some of you XD But as i said, i gave ya a warning. Also someone asked if i made it myself, indeed i did. I make all my own stuff. That's a point i wanna make more icons *pouts* with me going out all the time, and work, i don't get time to make em anymore x.X But i will find time to make em! I have too!

Anyway, seriously gotta go or Amy will KILL me >.> Love ya ^.^

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