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Friday, June 17, 2005

Time: 5:15am
Mood: Dry Mouth >.<
Music: SOAD - Peephole
Quote: "You and your fucking security!"

Well i should be in bed, but i ain't tired XD Damn my screwed up sleeping pattern, damn it to hell i tell ya *shakes fist* Well i finished my last night work...until next week XD I will be doing Tuesday, Wednesday and possibly Thursday next week *le sigh* I hate night work, but Trish needs the money, and i always end up getting dragged into it with her x.X I want to work my normal hours!

Well here's a quick review on what Sephy will be doing/has been doing over the week:
Thursday: Finally finished work, got paid 150. Made some pretty icons ^.^ Went out with Phil, got stoned and giggled at everyone on MSN X3
Friday: Go out with Phil, Shane and a few others, get stoned again XP
Saturday: Go shopping with family up Camdem (whoohoo!). Go out with Phil at end of day.
Sunday: Go out for meal for Fathers Day. Go out with Phil at end of day.

Is it just me, or do i seem to go out alot with Phil XD Ohh and just to make sure you don't get mixed up, no, i don't date Phil. He is in a perfectly happy relationship, and so am i, with Mai-chan =D Love ya babe! And me and Phil are just like best friends, he said it today to Chris, which made me happy ^.^ Phil said he was coming to my house (help me babysit) and Chris goes "Yeah, your guna fuck Josie" (this kinda sentence always come up o.O Normal) and Phil said "Yeah of course Chris, best friends are guna fuck, moron!" (he was obviously being sarcastic about the 'yeah' thing). Yeah just me being silly, but it's nice to hear it ^^ Even if it was in a weird sentence XD

Well, i'm stuck for things to say, and i need a drink for this dry mouth i got X3 So i'm guna leave it there. Ohh and i won "Judge's Choice Award" at SKF's site contest thingy, cool!

[Edit] Made a wallpaper cos i was bored x.X Warning though, Serenity is nakey *shock* *gasp* *horror* So now that ye've had your warning, here it is: {Serenity Wallpaper}

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