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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Time: 7:20am
Mood: Pretty Good
Music: SOAD - Spiders

I just go back from work, and now your thinking, "Wtf are you doing here? Go to bed crazy woman byatch" XD Well, surprisingly, i ain't tired, or achy. But the no achy thing can be explained, i rubbed painkiller (creme version) on my ankle, then wore a supporter for the whole day. And for my back i had this weird heat pad thingy. But it always might be due to the fact that i sat on my fat ass the whole time XD All me and Trish done for the whole day was put this leaflet thingy together.

Ohh, did i tell you i had a premanent job? Yeah at this factory that i'm working in at the moment. I won't always be working nights mind you, my normal hours will be 10:30am - 6pm or something like that. I'm trying to get Phil a job there with me XD Damn, if he works there, we probably won't get any work done! Haha, nah we will, it will just be jokes as well ^.^ Sp hopefully Jim says yes to Phil getting a job. So now Sephy won't be complained at by people, and she will have money to buy all the cool stuff she wants ^.^

You know they got a new monopoly board out? The new London version one is out XD Oh God, instead of getting 200 when passing go, you get 2 million! The money thing has been raised to actually seem abit more realistic to London prices. Fuck me London is an expensive place XD No wonder all my money gets drained haha!

Ok, there's probably something else i was meant to mention, but like always, i've forgotten X3 So i'll leave it at that. Have fun and take care people!

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