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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Time: 4:36pm
Mood: Achy x.x
Music: SOAD - Sugar

Dear God i feel like shit >.< My whole body is aching like hell! Yesterday's work was probably the worst i've done. Not the actual work, just how i felt the whole time. As i said in the last update Phil called and we went out. We ended walking non-stop from when he rang me till about 5pm. Then i go to work and have to stand for 12 hours straight. MY FEET WERE FUCKED!! They still hurt x.X I'm guna kill Phil when i see him i swear i will. I had to sit dwn every 5 minutes, or my feet and ankles would have given in and i would just have collapsed (i have weak ankles).

Michael Jackson was found NOT-guilty on all 10 charges ^.^ I am happy about that. I honestly don't believe he done any of that stuff. I could give my reasons why, but then this post will be a million times longer XD Ohh, and i don't mind if you disagree with him being not-guilty, but just don't bad mouth the guy on my site thanks.

What else was there? Last Exile is getting better ^.^ I seriously love this anime, if you have a chance to see it, take that chance, i'm quite sure you won't regret it =D Serial Experiments Lain is about 95% done, so that should be hopefully done today. And i still need to watch the rest of Yami no Boushi.

Ravey babe, you ain't going mad, and neither is your computer, my navi bar is gone ^.^ I took it off. For those who haven't seen it yet, the Backroom and Guestbook buttons are just under my chatterbox picture. Both of those are links. I didn't bother putting Quiz Results, Log Out etc, cos you can get to those from GB or BR anyway, and it saves me making a million and one buttons.

There was probably something else i was meant to be chatting about, but i completely forgot XD So i think i'll leave it here. Ohh and if your wondering why i'm on, i get to go to work late ^.^

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