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Thursday, May 12, 2005

So we're all men of our word, except Elizabeth, who is in-fact a woman.
Bastard MyOtaku *shakes fist* Damn you for not accepting my wallpapers. I know they ain't anime, but still, they could at least have a separate catagory. Sorry, it's just i made 2 really nice wallpapers (so i've been told), 1 of Orli, 1 of Johnny, and i have no where to actually keep em! So i've kinda just made em for nothing, which i ain't too happy about. *Shrugs* i will continue to make em though, working with large piccys of Orli and/or Johnny is good for the eyes XD

It's Paige's B-Day today. She's 7 now, joy haha. Ohh ohh, when i was walking Paige home from school once, i saw two lil kids having to walk theirselves home. The eldest was 7!! And the other was 4!! What lazy assed parent can't even be bothered to walk their toddlers to school! Not to mention that where their school is, is one of the roughest places round here. I feel sorry for kids like that, fucking parent should be shot.

Yesterday, i went out for a few hours with Phil, he was pissed off with something to do with his party, which may or may not happen. So i dragged his ass out to get some fresh air. And he took to some well nice place. Just a small lake, but the sceneary was beautiful O.O I never knew a place like that existed around here. The scum we live in does have some beauty after all =D I was gob smacked.

Well i'm working on the theme, although it ain't guna be POTC anymore, just guna Orli and Johnny XD Can you tell this obession is taking up all my time? Well i did find the most gorgeous piccys, so no wonder haha.

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