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Monday, May 9, 2005

Shin: Device for finding furniture in the dark
Guess what Sephy has? SOADs new album ^^ It's freaking awesome! Been listening to it non-stop since i got it. Haha, SOAD rule yo. (For those who don't know SOAD is System Of A Down). If you like em, i suggest you get this album whenever you can ^.~

I went out Friday and Saturday. And as i thought, seems i'm guna see more of Peek. Saw him both Friday and Saturday. Luckily cos Michelle and everyone else was there, he couldn't really 'flirt' or anything ya know heh. But i think i can get through this ya know? It hurts...of course it does. But i ain't guna run and jummp through hoops for his nod of approval like i use ta, i have a beautiful GF who loves me more then he ever could ^.^ Not that i would want him too =D

Also, watched Pirates of the Caribbean on Friday. It seemed to have sparked an old flame yo. Which flame? Me Orlando Bloom obsession. Yes, i'm another one of his fangirls. Have been since i saw him in LOTR:1 as Legolas. Use to have 70 odd piccys of him on my walls. Had his pictures in my school planner (gave me something to do other then work XD) and all the silly fangirl-ish things.

I hope your all doing ok, sorry i ain't been around alot, got alot of things on my mind (that which i ain't saying on here). And i think i may do a POTC theme on here. Hehe, anyway, i'll leave you now, but not without showing you this ^.~ (Sig made by me, not the animation) ZOMG! They're kissing *drools*

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