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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Listening To: Keane
Well i went to look for another job yesterday. Looks hopeful. But then again i said that last time, so knowing my luck i ain't got shit hah. I went up BlueWater (biggest shopping centre in Europe or something like that) and handed out CVs blah blah.

And, i think i've told you this before but i'll say it again anyway, when i was on the way up there, guess what i saw? Hehe, an old folks home right beside a graveyard. Haha, i'm guessing whoever had the job of laying out the land didn't like old people. Poor old gits, everytime they look out the window they're reminded of whats round the corner for em XD And its not only me that noticed that as well, everyone on the bus did!

Other then that, i need to make Shadow-san's birthday gift. She made me a belated one ^^ A piccy of me glomping Joey's arm hehe. Go check it out! Tis in her artwork section thingy-whatever. So i'm guna make her a small thingy, shame i can't send her anything. But thats why i'm getting this job yo, i need money, badly ~_~ (Go say Happy B-Day to Shadow-san ^.^)

Anyway, heres one of the many graphics i made (i can't be assed to post all my icons, if ya wanna check em out, the link to my LJ is up there *points to my intro*)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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